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Print To 3D received a brand new Dimension SST 1200es which was intuduced to the market on 2/26/08.


We now have a Mobile phone number. This number allows you to contact us 24 hours a day.

It is 570-262-0221


Our NEW quoting form is now available here.


Today we received our Dimension 3D printer.


Starting Monday April 16 2007 Print To 3D will be open for business. We can start quoting your parts on April 9th. Please bear with us as we are still developing our web page.


Bradley Rigdon (Owner)



Print To 3D is based in a small town of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

I founded this home based business on 2/9/2007 because I believe 3D printing is here to stay.

So go lets bring your old paper and/ or new CAD designs and bring them to life with models made of ABS plastic.

We hope to be printing parts sometime in the summer of 2007.

Bradley Rigdon



Welcome, let's see what we can print for you!

Print To 3D has two Dimension FDM 3D printers for all of your needs! We now have Dimensions top end model which is the SST 1200es. We have a maximum build size of 10x10x12 inches on our SST 1200es which uses 40% stronger ABS than our Dimension BST 768. In addition to our 3D printing services we also offer 3D modeling, .stl file format conversion, .stl file repair, and .stl file splitting (for large parts). Both of our 3D printers "print" parts from ABS plastic which is available in several colors. Our printers have a build layer down to .01 inches in thickness.

We have a very fast turn around time, some parts can be received in less than three days from an order!

We do not have a minimum order of $150 like most other online service providers. Some parts less than three cubic inches can be printed for less than $75!

Ready for a quote?

All you have to do is click below:

or you can simply email your CAD files to for a quote.

Our featured customer and product:

AndyMark, Inc. (6" mecanum wheel)


Since we are a home based business our quotes are usually lower than our competitors; we dare you to get a quote from the competition! You will be surprised how much lower our quotes are!

Print To 3D creates a prototype iPhone case.

Click here to see how what uses you may have for 3D printing.

Visit our picture page to see sample parts and our equipment.

Wondering about all of this technology?

Watch our videos below!


We service anyone, and can print the quantity of parts you need in a short amount of time. It doesn't matter if you are a large corporation or an individual that just needs one part printed. Do you have this invention in your head and need prototype parts? Our printer can even make models that are nearly impossible to make using other methods and these ABS plastic models can even be used as functional parts.

The Print To 3D guarantee:

If our parts do not completely satisfy your needs and do not meet up to your standards we will do our best to make it right. Please visit our policies page for more information.

Our business goal is to keep you happy and charge reasonable printing prices so you can come back for more 3D models.

Need your parts drawn into Computer Aided Design (CAD) models? We can draw your parts into the files needed for printing.

 We are always open to your ideas, comments, or questions Please email them to us at:
      Copyright © Bradley Rigdon 2007-2008