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Today we received our Dimension 3D printer.

Starting Monday April 16 2007 Print To 3D will be open for business. We can start quoting your parts on April 9th. Please bear with us as we are still developing our web page.


Bradley Rigdon (Owner)



Print To 3D is based in a small town of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

I founded this home based business on 2/9/2007 because I believe 3D printing is here to stay.

So go lets bring your old paper and/ or new CAD designs and bring them to life with models made of ABS plastic.

We hope to be printing parts sometime in the summer of 2007.

Bradley Rigdon


About US

Print To 3D is a small home business based in North Eastern Pennsylvania (NEPA). We believe that 3D printing technology should be available to anyone who may need it, whether it be a Fortune 500 company or a entrepreneur trying to develop a prototype product. Our printing services are available to anyone within the United States and in the future we hope to have customers in all 50 states. We were founded by Bradley Rigdon on 2/9/2007 when he decided to purchase this domain, adopt the name Print To 3D and bring his idea to reality.

Bradley Holding the Son of Man model.

Bradley Rigdon

Bradley is a CNC machinist and continues to work at a local machine shop while running his business. He has been working with metal working equipment and producing his own designs since 2000. He also has many years of experience with electronics, robotics, computers, computer aided drafting (CAD), and radio control vehicles. He enjoys fixing things, taking things apart, and creating ideas. In 2006 Bradley received an Associates degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences from The Pennsylvania State University. It is because of his dedication and hard work that Print To 3D is here to serve your needs.

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