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We now have a Mobile phone number. This number allows you to contact us 24 hours a day.

It is 570-262-0221


Our NEW quoting form is now available here.


Today we received our Dimension 3D printer.


Starting Monday April 16 2007 Print To 3D will be open for business. We can start quoting your parts on April 9th. Please bear with us as we are still developing our web page.


Bradley Rigdon (Owner)



Print To 3D is based in a small town of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

I founded this home based business on 2/9/2007 because I believe 3D printing is here to stay.

So go lets bring your old paper and/ or new CAD designs and bring them to life with models made of ABS plastic.

We hope to be printing parts sometime in the summer of 2007.

Bradley Rigdon



Print To 3D & AndyMark, Inc.

Back in May 2007 AndyMark, Inc. contacted Print To 3D to create a 3D prototype of a patent pending mecanum wheel. A mecanum wheel is a special type of wheel designed for multidirectional movement which is used in a wide variety of applications including forklifts, wheelchairs, and robotics. AndyMark designed this new 6" mecanum wheel to be ambidexterous which allowed them to save in manufacturing costs. Their previous 8" mecanum wheel design was not ambidexterous which resulted in higher manufacturing costs due to having seperate tooling for left-handed and right-handed wheels. Since the market for these wheels is small, keeping the overall manufacturing cost of these wheels down is very important for AndyMark.

AndyMark makes most of their products for robotics applications and markets them mostly to FIRST Robotics teams and hobbyists.

AndyMark was able to use our prototyping services to confirm that the side plates of these wheels assembled as planned before ever putting them into production. In addition to assembling pre production prototypes, AndyMark was also able to display these models to customers and their engineering department. By using our services AndyMark was able to get their wheels to market just in time for the 2008 FIRST Robotics Competition which started in January.

The prototype wheel plates FDM 3D printed by us:

The production wheel:


The wheel assemblies from AndyMark are now available on their webstore.




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