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Our NEW quoting form is now available here.


Today we received our Dimension 3D printer.


Starting Monday April 16 2007 Print To 3D will be open for business. We can start quoting your parts on April 9th. Please bear with us as we are still developing our web page.


Bradley Rigdon (Owner)



Print To 3D is based in a small town of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

I founded this home based business on 2/9/2007 because I believe 3D printing is here to stay.

So go lets bring your old paper and/ or new CAD designs and bring them to life with models made of ABS plastic.

We hope to be printing parts sometime in the summer of 2007.

Bradley Rigdon



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Click here to go to the quoting form.

As most of our customers must keep their designs confidential; Print To 3D promises to keep all information confidential. If a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is needed before sending us part files you may fax, mail or email it to us and return it to you. For this reason we have included an option on our quote form to withhold your part files for quoting until an NDA is signed.

We can easily print parts that are smaller than 8 x 8 x 12"; however we can also split parts, and use glue to make one big part. Currently we can only print parts white in color, however, when needed we can special order material in red, green, yellow, black, gray and blue at an additional cost. We can also paint your parts to a desired color if needed.

Each layer of extruded material is .01 inches in height. Therefore you can expect an overall tolerance of +/- .01". We have found that in most cases the average tolerances are +/- .005".

Our quotes are not instant like most other 3D printing companies offer because we actually take the time to process your quotes. By doing so we can offer you the best prices available.

Once the RFQ is received, a quote should be sent to you within 12 - 24 hours.

In order for us to quote you for a part we need your .stl part file. If you cannot save your part to an .stl file please call us for information on how to do so or see if we can convert it for you.

Click here to go to our quoting form.

 We are always open to your ideas, comments, or questions Please email them to us at:
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